Balloon flying over Lipno

Černá v Pošumaví

Experiencing Lipno Region from the air belongs to unique moments. The romance of aerial navigation as you stay in the basket of the hot-air balloon belongs among the adventures that are hard to be forgotten. Yet the ballooning in Lipno Region is far from being an ordinary trip. It is also a bit of adrenaline-fuelled time. The large surface area of water, the forests of Šumava National Park, the military zone of Boletice and the proximity to the border with Austria - all of this are the limiting factors that make a balloon flight over Lake Lipno an unrepeatable adventure. Everything depends on the direction and strength of the wind. If there is no wind, then a large body of water is a trap. When the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, no flight is possible. So flying is possible only when all the good meets at the same time. Then it is however worth the effort. You enjoy something that hardly anyone will do. So let’s get up to the sky.

Opening hours

Flying is possible all year round and you can start almost anywhere. It always depends on the weather (the wind strength and direction are decisive factors).

3500 Kč

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