kemp Jestřábí I,
Černá v Pošumaví

Lipno and its wind conditions are perfect fit for windsurfing. The extensive body of water offers endless possibilities of enjoying this exciting and adrenaline-fuelled activity.  Černá v Pošumaví is perhaps the most attractive site for this sport as it is where there is the widest portion of the lake and wind blows the sails with the largest power. Throughout the region there is a number of rentals where you can borrow all and any equipment, whether you are a newbie or an experienced surfer. We can recommend professional trainer services and a wide range of gear available in the rental located at Jestřábí Campsite.

Forthcoming activities

Sea kayak

Uncovering the almost unpopulated right side of the lake is best from a sea kayak on which you can stay almost inaudible as you move. This way you can enjoy unobstructed views and opportunities…


Fly as a bird, ride the waves on a board, raising clouds of snow or skating on ice at an alarming rate? Yes - all of this can be made real with kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is rightly ranked amongst…

Camping Lipno - Jestřábí I.

A family campsite open all year round with the widest offer of sports facilities in the Czech Republic The unique location of the site allows rich sporting activities and relax in the shade of trees…

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