Dobrá na Šumavě - monument reservation

Dobrá na Šumavě,

Dobrá na Šumavě is located between Soumarský most and Stožec. Originally a logger settlement from 1816, today it is a folk open-air museum of Tyrolean timbered houses. The site is protected as a monument zone and boasts magnificent timbered houses, a chapel, and a former school. Its open built-up area lining the narrow road stretches over 5 km or so and is accessible by hikers, cyclists, but even by car; boaters may even reach it as they make it down the River Vltava (only around 1.5 km to go from the river). 

Not far away, there is also a peat bog of Soumarský most renowned for the mating call of the black grouse in the springtime.

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