Medvědí stezka (Bear trail)

smolná pec,
Nová Pec

Would you like to soak up the formations into which the history of the Tertiary period had been registered? Then you need to visit a trail called Medvědí stezka (Bear Trail) leading between Jelení Vrchy and Nová Pec. The rock formations found locally were shaped during the Tertiary period by glacial ages turning interglacial ages, which took 2 million years.  You can expect a fascinating scenery of bizarre formations in the heart of a mixed forest of the Šumava Mountains and believe that this walk through the lush green of sprouting leaves of beech will leave you with a lingering enjoyment of the enchanting countryside.

This trail was staked in 1967 and is the oldest nature trail in this country. It is made up of rock formations that are hidden in the stand of tall trees. Some places offer nice views of the opening part of Lake Lipno and into the military zone of Boletice with Mt. Knížecí stolec as its landmark.

Total length: 15.3 km. The trail is accessible from either Jelení Vrchy or Smolná Pec.

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