Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal

Schwarzenberský kanál,
Nová Pec

Schwarzenberg Canal was built more than 200 years ago to floating timber from the forests below the peaks of Třístoličník, Plechý, Smrčina, Sulzberg and Bärenstein into the imperial capital city of Vienna. It connects the river Světlá voda - one of the tributaries of the River Studená Vltava - and the Austrian River Große Mühl (a tributary of the Danube), thereby linking the drainage areas of the North Sea and the Black Sea. The total length of the canal is almost 52 km, of which 44 km is included in the catchment area of the River Vltava. In the vicinity of the settlement of Jelení Vrchy, it leads through a tunnel almost 400 m long. The canal runs from the Bavarian border through Bohemia to enter the Austrian territory and turn back into Bohemia; it eventually joins the River Große Mühl in Austria. There is a road accompanying the canal from the Bavarian border to the watershed; it can be covered on foot or by bicycle. The latter can also be used to go all the way down the canal as far as the watershed; actually, since the route leads slightly down the hill, it is recommendable for small kids as well as the elderly.

Several times per year, events take place as part of the project entitled Meeting the tradition at Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal with examples of timber floating, folk customs, and more

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