Beach Horní Planá

Pláž Horní Planá,
Horní Planá

The beach in Horní Planá is a large, beautiful sandy beach located on a peninsula which extends into the body of water from the edge of the town. In the close vicinity of the beach there is also a ferry across the lake that takes you to Bližší Lhota and connects to the campsite and Caravan Camping Horní Planá. Part of the complex is a rental of sport equipment, a playground for children and for beach volleyball enthusiasts, a miniature golf course, tennis courts, a food kiosk and the Na Pláži Restaurant. This ranks this beach among the best equipped beaches of Lake Lipno Lake with a magnificent view of the border ridges on the other side.

Forthcoming activities

Views from Horní Planá

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Olšina Resort

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