Views from Horní Planá

Vyhlídková věž nad Horní Planou,
Horní Planá

The town of Horní Planá is located on the southern slopes of the hills of Dobrá Voda (864 m) and Houbový vrch (914 m) which offer a breath-taking view in a southerly direction toward Lake Lipno as well as the opposite borderline ridges with the peaks of Plechý, Trojmezná hora, Hraničník and Smrčina. That was also the reason for building a not very tall viewing tower on the hill of Ořík (870 m) as well as a rather high lookout tower dominating over the town. No wonder: the views from Horní Planá bring feelings of peace, comfort and joy which is something that even you can experience and spend the whole day by taking beautiful views if you make an easy trip around the town. You can start in the Adalbert Stifter Park, pass around the hill of Dobrá Voda, reach the chapel called Výklenková kaplička after you passed above the street of Švermova ulice and then continue to climb the hill of Ořík and stand up on the local viewing tower.

Forthcoming activities

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