The fishpond of Olšina

Rybník Olšina,
Horní Planá

The fishpond of Olšina is a unique water work in a beautiful natural setting of what was formerly Boletice Military Zone. The site is virtually an oasis of peace in what was restricted to access still a short time ago; this corner of Šumava in the region of Český Krumlov had long been kept safe from the bustle and hustle of the civilisation. When directly by the fishpond, it is possible to relax in a recreational facility and have a lunch, snack or dinner; you can also visit the famous fisher’s tower.

With its area of 138 hectares and the elevation of 731 meters, this water work is a breeding pond with the highest elevation in this country and the largest one in the Šumava Mountains.

The fisher’s stronghold originates from the first half of the 15th century and is an extremely valuable historical monument; situated within the dam of the pond, it offers the visitor an exhibit on the history of the village of Olšina, the local fishpond, and the history of fishery. 

Olšina can be reached by car, train and bicycle or on foot. 

BY BICYCLE: From Horní Planá to Hodňov (cycling trail #1254) and then 1 km along #1255 (a total of 7 km); from Polná na Šumavě take #1254 or #1255 (a total of 6 km).

ON FOOT: Follow the red marks from Horní Planá via Maňávka (a total of 7 km) or from Hořice na Šumavě (a total of 9.5 km).

BY TRAIN: Take a train from Horní Planá or from Český Krumlov (České Budějovice) and exit the train in Hodňov.

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