Dragon boats

Lipno nad Vltavou,
Lipno nad Vltavou

Races of dragon boats are among the specialties of Lake Lipno. A dragon boat is 12.5 meters long, weighs 250 kg approximately (without crew), and has the shape of an open canoe with a dragon head on the top and a dragon tails at the rear. The line-up has a maximum 20 seated and paddling racers and a drummer who is sitting on the top, facing the crew, and indicating the rhythm by striking the drum; in addition, there is a steersman standing at the stern and controlling the direction. The weight of the boat may exceed even two tonnes when full staffed.

The season starts in May. As a discipline, dragon boat racing presents one of the most cooperative sports in the world. Often, they are even used by businesses for their staff as a teambuilding option.

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