Boat trip with the Lipno-Line

Rosenberger Lipno line,
Lipno nad Vltavou

One of the most beautiful views of Lake Lipno is one from the deck of a cruise ship - as many visitors to the lake say.

Shipping is operated by ROSENBERGER - Lipno - Line s.r.o. which has two large cruise ships named Adalbert Stifter and Vltava.

Adalbert Stifter is the one that is bigger and more recent - it has been riding around Lake Lipno since 2012. During the high season, i.e. from mid-April to end October approximately, Adalbert Stifter mostly operates on the southern half of the lake - in the surroundings of Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk. It provides shipping as well as very popular cruises, including evening circuit tours with a programme at sunset. Daily cruises usually last approximately one to two hours depending on the places of embarkation and landing. Evening circuit tours take up to three hours. Sometimes, the ship may leave the Lipno nad Vltavou or Frymburk ports four times per day during the summer school break. While on board, one can have some refreshment in the local bar and - if you are lucky - you can experience moments such as sailing accompanied by a programme for kids or a dance music. Adalbert Stifter’s capacity is up to 250 people; the up-to-date timetables can be found at .


The other ship is called Vltava and has been carrying passengers since 1959, i.e., almost from the moment the dammed reservoir was filled with water. Before the peak season, Vltava cruises mainly with school trips and groups that want to enjoy the special route. During the holiday season, it takes hikers and cyclists on lines across the lake or operates in the northern part of the reservoir, i.e., between Horní Planá and Černá v Pošumaví. Even here, the timetable allows for choosing your favourite cruise; Vltava staff too provides light refreshments as well as interesting information and facts on the places you see as you pass around them. For the timetable, again please refer to the company website:

ROSENBERGER - Lipno - Line s.r.o. looks forward to your cruise!

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