Fox park - Training course

Fox park,
Lipno nad Vltavou

The greatest training course which also belongs to the best of its kind in the Czech Republic.

From 8:30 until 16:00 the grounds are open for skiers only.

You must not enter with normal footwear throughout the grounds.

From 18:00 to 20:00, the course stays open for downhill running on a bobsleigh or sled under artificial lighting.


Why Fox Park is so popular?

  • Three carpets to run over for maximum comfort as you ride along the slope
  • Slalom tracks inspired by fairy stories and animals with culverts and tunnels
  • Modern teaching aids for children made according to the latest trends
  • Filled with entertainment driven by Fox the Fox
  • Special-theme days

It is located directly by the central car park.

Opening hours

Skischool Lipno

Learn skiing at Skischool Lipno.

 - Provides training for beginners and advanced, whether on ski or on snowboard

 - Children learn skiing under the supervision of experienced instructors - in addition to our mascot - Fox the Fox

- Includes Friday Freestyle Lesson (ski or snowboard) within the new Snowpark - if your skischool course takes five or more days 

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