Kapličky - extinct village

rašeliniště Kapličky,

Kapličky - a former village that lies on the very border with Austria. Three kilometres from Loučovice as the crow flies, but taking a hiker trail (red/blue marks), it is about 6-7 km to go.  It is also possible to go by bicycle from Loučovice via Vyšší Brod. The recommended route can be best described by the map sourced from Mapy.cz or you can view it directly online: https://mapy.cz/s/1DQic.

The extinct village of Kapličky, the local peat bog and a water reservoir called U překopané hráze form the chief destinations of this trip. Kapličky - a village forcibly evicted after World War II - was founded in the 13th century. There used to be a parish church, a parish school and glassworks - during the First Republic, there were two well-working pubs with accommodation. After the war, the majority of the population was ordered to move to Austria and a strictly guarded border zone was established locally. The church - the local landmark - was blasted off on 4 June 1959 and the entire village was completely destroyed and razed to the ground.

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