The southernmost point of the Czech Republic

Vyšší Brod,
Vyšší Brod

The route of the trip across the southernmost tip of the Czech Republic takes you into the surroundings of the former settlement of Radvanov. It offers not only a visit to the southernmost point of our country, but also to areas that were impossible to access for many years due to the Iron Curtain and where there is now a cross-border cooperation and coherence of tourism projects from both sides of the border.

When taking a trip from Vyšší Brod, the length is the challenge - not the profile. Options when returning from the southernmost point of the CR are multiple. If you choose the route via Austria, Martínkov (New Barracks of Mnichovice) and Maria Rast, there are almost 25 kilometres to overcome.

While on your way, you can have a look at the pass of Vyšebrodský průsmyk that divides the mountains of Šumava and Novohradské hory. Behind this natural boundary, there are now the first mountain tops of Šumava rising in a majestic manner. Certainly, your view becomes attracted by the mountain of Hradiště (937 m). Enjoy a great place of rest offered by the dam of the pond of Studánecký rybník.

Finally, there is a narrow path to take you right to Border Stone II/64 which is exactly where you can step on the southernmost point of the Czech Republic. There is a site to have some rest as well as a memorial stone that attracts your attention. You can even make use of an original stamp available on the spot as an evidence that you have made it as far as this place.

Swedish Sconces

Just across the border, you become hooked by a massive defensive earthwork with wooden palisades - so-called Swedish Sconces. The objective was to protect the salt trail that once ran through these places. The work was built in 1641 by Konrad Balthasar von Starhemberg - the owner of the estate. Imperial troops were called in a total of three times to the local trenches. In 1641-1648, the area protected from the raids of Swedes while in 1663 a Turkish occupation was impending. Between 1680 and 1681, the army kept law and order in the period of plague. There is a short education trail leading around the remnants of the earthwork.

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