Winter ridge trail Třístoličník - Plechý

Nová Pec

Třístoličník - Trojmezná - Plechý: the highest and the most beautiful ridge trail across the Šumava Mts. Well, and not talking about wintertime... However, there’s no point in going there in winter without snow-shoes, cross-country skis or alpine skis. Enjoy the warm, cosy-style pub with Bavarian regional specialities that is on the top of Mt. Třístoličník - as a reward for the completed trip of ten kilometres - one that you are hard to ever forget.

Taking an extraordinary winter trip beyond the limits of what is a standard experience is possible even in Lipno Region. The ridges above the right bank of this country’s largest dammed reservoir reach elevations above 1,300 metres and with its location, they are richly topped with snow nearly throughout wintertime. The fascinating to kitschy sceneries of the winter landscape of mountain tops with numerous boulders, trees covered in snow and wind-whipped open plains are something to experience especially in bright weather. Now the idyll of the mountain ridge is complete with the views toward the south where there are the majestic peaks of the Alps towering on the horizon, while the northern direction offers the area of Boubín with Mt. Bobík as on the palm of your hand.


Accessing Třístoličník needs going by car via Guglwald and the Austrian territory as far as the car park found below the top of Mt. Třístoličník; alternatively, you can go via Strážný and Haidmühle. From Lipno nad Vltavou, allow for 80-90 km in both directions. From Mt. Třístoličník (1,303 m) continue via the mountain of Trojmezná hora (1,361 m), Trojmezí (1,320 m) as far as Mt. Plechý (1,378 m =  the highest peak of the Šumava Mts.). You need to go 5 km to get there; follow the same trail when you go back. Hiking nuts can also opt for going as far as the obelisk of Adalbert Stifter towering above Lake Plešné jezero when descending from Plechý. However, going without snowshoes or skis in winter is something which is definitely not recommended.

Get rewarded for completing this trip of ten kilometres by enjoying the warm, cosy-style pub with the genuine Bavarian home-made cuisine available on the top of Mt. Třístoličník.

Opening hours

The pub on Mt. Třístoličník is open from 9:00 to 17:00 in winter, and from 9:00 to 19:00 in summer.

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