About Loučovice

Loučovice are found on the banks of the River Vltava, 3 km down Lake Lipno. Formerly dominated by paper mills which employed up to 1,000 workers, today Loučovice await for intense development in the context of tourism as the useless buildings had been removed; while the site sees its potential in its proximity and connections to Lipno nad Vltavou, it also wishes to make use of local natural qualities of the River Vltava where a process is now underway of setting up a commercial rafting complex. In fact, between Loučovice and Vyšší Brod, the river forms one of the most difficult boating routes in the world as also experienced by those attending the 2003 world rafting cup held at a site called Čertovy proudy (Devil’s Streams) as well as filmmakers shooting the motion picture entitled Rafťáci (Raftsmen). The boating route from the Lake Lipno dam down to Loučovice sees national championships in boating and white-water slalom.

Obec Loučovice, Loučovice 5, 382 76 Loučovice
+420 380 748 115