Guest house Herbertov

Penzion Herbertov,
Vyšší Brod

Our guest house is a unique facility with its functional water head-race including a small hydroelectric plant. It features an ideal location - in the middle of natural world, just on the bank of the River Vltava while sitting on the edge of the town of Vyšší Brod. Not far away, there is the historical town of Rožmberk nad Vltavou and - toward the other direction - Lipno nad Vltavou - a municipality with modern tourist attractions and ski grounds. 

The guest house offers a wide range of accommodation facilities as well as very good background for individual, family and team vacations or preparation training of sportspeople.

Guests can choose from a range of rooms of 2-4 beds and family suites which are located in the main building; alternatively, they can select any of the cabin s located on the bank of the river Vltava.

The complex is complete with outdoor sports grounds - two tennis courts, a playground for volleyball/ basketball, and tables for table tennis. The smallest ones can enjoy a sandpit and outdoor climbing frames. All of our guests can make use of the outdoor fireplace and a grill. Parking is available for both cars and buses - completely free of charge. Wireless internet connection is available throughout your stay and is included in the price of the accommodation.

The famous ski resort in Lipno nad Vltavou can be easily reached by car within 10 minutes; the same goes for the smaller, Austria-based Sternstein resort which is also an ideal option, ready for families with children. The nearest major winter resort is found in Austrian Hochficht and is approximately 40 minutes away if you go by car. Cross-country trail enthusiasts can try out the nearest cross-country ski tracks around the hill of Kramolín in Lipno nad Vltavou or those nearby the Austrian Sternstein and the TOP resort located in Austrian Schöneben - approx. 30 minutes by car. The frozen surface of Lake Lipno is a big and much-sought natural attraction; with its skating track, it is available for skaters and those operating other winter sports.

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