Lipenská přehrada,
Lipenská přehrada

Are you considering a vacation on a ship? Then Lipno is the best place to make it real. If you do not have your own ship, never mind - at Lipno it is not a problem to rent a yacht in one of several operations. Thanks to the variability of the lake and the distribution of a total of five ports (Lipno nad Vltavou, Frymburk, Hrdoňov, Kovářov and Černá v Pošumaví) it is possible to sail from one port to another or anchor in coves.

Forthcoming activities

Bicycle trails and in-line trails

Lipno Region is interwoven with cyclist trails. Every cycling enthusiast can find its own attraction - from families with children to demanding bikers. Families with kids can make use of the lakeside…

Relax Resort Beach

The sandy and grassy beach in Dolní Vltavice belongs to the most popular sites of this type around Lake Lipno. It is located between a ferry in Dolní Vltavice and the port of Hotel…

The slot car track at Hotel Resort Relax

The slot car track at HRR was inspired by “GRAND PRIX” of 1966 - a film by director John Frankenheimer (three Oscars). This film is undoubtedly one of the best motion pictures on car…