Nová Pec


About Nová Pec

This former woodcutter village is located at the edge of Šumava National Park. Found on the right bank of the River Vltava as well as on the lake side of Lipno, the site overlooks a boundary of the running and standing waters, which makes it a place preferred by fishermen due to the fish stock of greater diversity. The site is easy to access, whether by train or by car, and features a fantastic bitumen-cover road for in-line skaters that connects it with Stožec. The road leads along the River Vltava and a stunning alluvial plain of Vltavský luh - a national nature reserve and the largest of the Šumava peat bogs. The municipality also offers a brand new sandy beach.

Obecní úřad v Nové Peci, Nová Pec 43, 384 62 Nová Pec
+420 388 336 024

Informační centrum, Nové Chalupy 41, 384 62 Nová Pec
+420 602 391 223