About Stožec

Located on the bank of the River Studená Vltava in Šumava National Park, this former woodcutter village primarily boasts a quiet and beautiful natural setting. The most famous attractions of the region certainly include the heritage area of the village of Dobrá and, in particular, the wooden chapel in Stožec, Placed amongst the local gems, the structure sits at the foot of the Stožec Rock in the hear of a beautiful, 300 years old primary forest. Stožec is easily accessible by rail which leads from Lipno and Volary to end in Nové Údolí at the border with Germany. By car, the village can be reached from Strážný, Volary, or Vimperk. In the village there is a large central car park.

Obecní úřad Stožec, Stožec 25, 384 44 Stožec
+420 731 286 047

Informační středisko Stožec, Stožec 68, 384 44 Stožec
+420 388 335 014
+420 731 530 466