Horní Planá


About Horní Planá

With more than 2,200 residents, Horní Planá is the largest town in the Lipno region and boasts numerous accommodation facilities, restaurants and pubs, in addition to the house where famous writer Adalbert Stifter grew up; now it hosts a neat museum. North of the town there extends a vast Military Training Area of Boletice, partially accessible for tourists; its virgin settings and wilderness is surpassing the natural systems of Šumava National Park in many places. Horní Planá offers a beautiful sandy beach in the Lipno region that includes all necessary equipment and facilities for passive and active relaxation. Right next to the beach there is a ferry across the Lake Lipno.

Město Horní Planá, Náměstí 54, 382 26 Horní Planá
+420 380 724 410

Kulturní a informační centrum, Náměstí 8, 382 26 Horní Planá
+420 380 738 008